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  有关全球化的英语作文 全球化英语作文篇1 Globalization With the rapid social and economic development, globalization comes not to be an unfamiliar word to all of us. Though we are living in the affection of it, yet it is hard to tell it’s advantages and disadvantages. Globalization phenomenon is an outcome of social development. The typical types are economic globalization, cultural globalization. As we all know, it is a double-edged sword. Therefore, we must pay more attention on this phenomenon and it’s development trend. Globalization has so many advantages, such as it makes the world become a small village and let people touch each other more convenient and easy, it increase free trade between nations and give the developing countries a terrific opportunity to develop themselves in all aspects quickly. What’s more, it can reduce the cultural barriers and let various of cultural get a better communication and development. On the contrary, it also has a lot of disadvantages. Because under globalization, every country’s economy can make a great influence of others, it make the economy of the world more fragile. In order to possess the good chance and precious resources, the disputes and even wars may take place between nations. In recent years, great risk of diseases being transported between nations has also become a threaten to people. As the globalization has become an irrevocable trend, we must adjust it. This phenomenon is an opportunity as well as a challenge. Consequently, every person, every nation should try the best to get a good position in the process of globalization and make full use of such a vital chance to be stronger. 全球化英语作文篇2 A prevailing phenomenon is that countries have less different between each other nowadays. Different person holds different views to this trend. As for me, I think its advantages outweigh the disadvantages. It is obvious that if all the countries share the same things, minority nationality regions are affected by the developed countries. Then maybe their minority culture will vanish. Especially in today"s word, the youth is more likely to understand modern culture, and they could forget some culture from their own countries. Though it is unnegligiblethat the problem, I mentioned above, I still stickon my opinion that it has more advantages. First, there will be an excellent chance for people who are from different countries to have a communication. People possess similar hobbies and life style, and they will have more common topics to talk about. It really can narrow the gap between two countries.Second, economic globalization can be seen from this trend, promoting all the countries" economy development. And we can get all the goods we want wherever you are. The third one is language and education. Countries are becoming less evident means people break the barrier of the differences between two languages, and it is quite good for academic communication and high level education. We can learn advanced ideas and views directly. All in all, the globalization is promoting many aspects of the countries, and actually we are experienced in it and benefit from this trend. As a result, I hold the view that the advantages outweigh the drawbacks. 全球化英语作文篇3 Globalization`s dual power Globalization has found a significant place in the lives of the people. During the process of globalization, we have made a bridge where ideas and beliefs can cross the borders, and the walls of distrust and the barriers of suspicion between countries have gradually disappeared. Though globalization is seen as a sign of a hopeful future by some, there are others who believe that it can cause a horrible disaster for the world economy. Counties benefit a lot from globalization, especially the developing countries. With it, there is a global market for companies to trade their products which can make the production sector develop rapidly. This gives lots of options to the manufacturers as well. Besides, competition keeps prices relatively low and it can provide a wider range of options for people, to choose from among the products of different nations. In addition, there is a sound flow of money, as a result, inflation is less likely to occur. But the disadvantages brought by globalization cannot be ignored. Globalization is causing Europeans to lose their jobs as work is being swerved to the Asian countries. The cost of labor in the Asian countries is low as compared to other countries which is often argued that poor countries are exploited by the richer countries where the work force is taken advantage of and low wages are implemented. Moreover, companies are as opening their counterparts in other countries which can result in transferring the quality of their product to other countries, thereby increasing the chances of poor quality. Simply put, globalization is an ongoing process of integration of regional economies into global network of communication which the human being cannot hold back. So we should keep a positive attitude toward it, take good use of it and avoid disadvantages at the same time. Thus there will be a better world where all the people can have a brighter future.推荐访问:作文




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